If you live in the area covered by Knowsley Council, you can use this application to:

  • see how much Housing Benefit you could get if you rent your home
  • see how much Council Tax Reduction you could get if you are the person who is responsible for paying the Council Tax for the home you live in
  • find out if you're entitled to Income Support, Pension Credit or Tax Credits

Universal Credit is available across Knowsley and is paid by the Department for Work and Pensions. This means that working age customers cannot make a new application for Housing Benefit if they live in Knowsley, (unless they fall into one of the exception categories).

The exception categories are:

  • You are a Pensioner or you live in Specified Accommodation

From the 15 May 2019, if you are part of a couple, you are classed as a pensioner if you have both reached the qualifying age for Pension Credit.

Please note: Council Tax Reduction is not included within Universal Credit and you need to apply separately through Knowsley Council.

The application is in two parts. The first is a calculator which can give you an idea of what you may be entitled to. The second part allows you to make a claim.

Start a new calculation/claim

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Welfare Reform

The welfare and benefits information outlined on our website may be affected by the Government's Welfare Reform Act 2012. If you are awarded Housing Benefit and are subject to the benefit cap, we will write to you and let you know. This means that the amount of Housing Benefit quoted in the calculation on this website may be reduced.